Bright Lights by Lacy Johnson

Bright Lights EP25: Dr. Scott Jensen

October 6, 2021

Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen has practiced family medicine in Carver County, Minnesota for 35 years.  This is where he and his wife, Mary, a small animal veterinarian, raised their three children – Cristy, anesthesiologist, Matt, an estate attorney, and Jackie, a family doctor.  Dr. Jensen served in the Minnesota Senate (2017-2021) and was vice-chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. He has served many organizations as a board member or chair including Waconia School Board, numerous Rotary and Lions clubs, several Chambers of Commerce, and bank boards.  He is an avid pilot and writer, publishing his first book in 2015, “Relationship Matters.”  In 2001 he founded Catalyst Medical Clinic which now has offices located in Watertown and Chaska.

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