Bright Lights by Lacy Johnson

Bright Lights with Lacy Johnson EP49: Marklyn Johnson

April 6, 2022

Marklyn T. Johnson is a published author, comedian, and motivational speaker. Marklyn was born and raised in central New Jersey and is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He has worked in the production industry for over twenty years speaking everywhere from schools to churches and other live events. Growing up, Marklyn idolized Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan, and Tupac Shakur. All of these figures inspired Marklyn to follow his dreams, embrace his passions, and speak his mind. Marklyn’s greatest idol, however, was his father, Willie.  His first book Lessons from a Sh*t Talker applies the lessons his father taught him as groundwork to achieving one’s dreams. His second book, Facebook Conversations: The Good The Funny The Ugly released on 3/26/2022 is a social media memoir, both introspective and hilarious, based on truthful interactions the author has had over a number of years on Facebook. Here, you will find candid and cringeworthy conversations on the shared human experience. 

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