Bright Lights by Lacy Johnson

Bright Lights with Lacy Johnson EP38: Sia Lo

January 5, 2022

Sia Lo is a former Deputy City Attorney head of the prosecution division later promoted to Senior Policy Advisor for the City of St. Paul where he led the Mayor’s delegation to Thailand.  Currently, he is in private practice and has his own law firm located in St. Paul, Minnesota that focuses on serving the legal needs of the Hmong and American Community.   He is well known for his role as General Counsel for the Hmong Council of 18 and handling high profile Hmong cases. He was voted national chairman of the Lo & Pha families in the U.S.  He is currently a cultural mediator trainer with Mitchell Hamline University School Law and Minnesota Mediation Center.  He is also the interim director for the Hmong American National Chairman Association in the U.S.  In 2020, he became the first Hmong American to run for Congress.

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